PVC Ceilings are now a supplier of the best Vinyl Flooring in South Africa - SAFRO Flooring. With the latest and advanced technology in printing and texturing, the new flooring is the best-looking, best-performing sheet vinyl floor on the market.

SAFRO flooring is the evolution of sheet vinyl flooring and has come a long way. This revolutionary flooring provides you with a floor covering made from natural Lime Stone Powder, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC Resin) and stabilizer which, combined provide a stable composite material. Made of different layers which include PVC Balance Sheet, Fibreglass layer, PVC Middle layer with the Unilin click, decor printing film, wear layer and the UV protective layer.

With the broad range of SAFRO Flooring, ranging from natural designs, realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates, you have the option to choose a suitable style that would add value to your property.

SAFRO Flooring is designed to exceed. 100% waterproof - resistant to water and moisture, fire retardant (the flame on a SAFRO Floor will be automatically out in 5 seconds and won't produce toxic or harmful gases, is safe and sustainable, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial and with these floors, you can rest assured. It passed more than 179 different types of hazardous material and chemical tests.

Install SAFRO Flooring today for all your flooring requirements. SAFRO, the best there is.  


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