Have you ever considered installing the same ceilings in your bathroom, kitchen and business premises? Or wondered if it was possible? With PVC Ceilings, there is no need to install a different ceiling in every room. Our ceilings are suitable for any area you need to install it.

PVC Ceilings is easy to install, requires no maintenance, is waterproof and is fire retardant. Not only is it easy to install, but PVC Ceilings also offers an onsite training program for interior designers and contractors can receive the necessary training on the installation of our products. Our ceilings are lightweight requiring less labour to install and is also a good insulator for winter and summertime. PVC Ceiling's hollow core structure is one of the best energy reducers.

Our product range doesn't stop at supplying high-quality ceilings, we also offer cornices and SAFRO flooring. Our entire product range is high quality, low maintenance and easy to install. Why wouldn't you consider trying PVC Ceilings for your next renovation project?

PVC Ceilings Your Only Solution For All Your Ceiling Problems.


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