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Renovations or building today can run in huge amounts of money, and we have the perfect product that is both cost-wise and efficient-wise. Not only this, PVC Ceilings are preferred over many other products for many reasons.

PVC Ceilings are very versatile and can be applied in just about any indoor environment that requires a fixed, non-porous, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling. PVC Ceilings are very efficient insulators in the summer and winter, due to the hollow core structure of the panels, and can reduce energy consumption in the home by eliminating the need to heat or cool it.

Our interlocking PVC Panels are lightweight and easy to install, and due to the smooth surface, they are preferred by interior designers and decorators. The smoothness cannot be achieved with other ceiling materials as they leave splicing gaps between the plates. The boards come in a variety of colours and come in matt and gloss finishes. There is no need to use screed or paint on the boards.

Many developers are now seeing the benefits of using PVC Ceilings, and in 2013 alone these ceilings have been used in three Gauteng schools, a housing development with 108 homes in Buccleuch and two housing projects with a total of 582 houses in Kimberley. 

SABS Certificate
Firelab Certficate

In case of fire?

Before selecting a ceiling, it is important to know how the ceiling will respond in a fire situation.

As you can see, when PVC Ceilings is exposed to fire, the PVC Ceiling will melt and flow away from the flame and will not spread the flame.

Life can be unpredictable, but your ceiling doesn't have to be.

Features of PVC Ceilings

Fire Retardant
pvc ceiling fire retardant

PVC Ceiling Panels are Fire retardant. Our PVC Panels burn when subjected to roaring flame, but do not burn by themselves.

The PVC Ceiling Panels extinguishes immediately when the external flame source is removed.

B/B1/2 is applicable to this product in terms of the SANS 428 specification. The Panels can withstand temperatures of up to 60 Celcius

Water Absorption
waterproof ceiling

PVC ceiling panels has no water absorption (0.00%).

PVC Ceiling Panels do not expand or contract when they come in touch with water.

Durable and Easy to Maintain
durable ceiling

PVC Ceiling Panels have no visible defects.

The close smooth surfaces mean that the PVC Ceiling Panels are extremely easy to clean using gentle household detergent dissolved in water. This also means the Panels are dirt resistant because there are no pores which can be filled with dirt.

Sound & Thermal Properties
pvc ceiling sound absorption

PVC Ceiling Panels have some sound absorption.

PVC Ceilings have great thermal conductivity and resistance due to the hollow structure (0.070 W/mK Thermal Conductivity and the R-value of a 7mm PVC Ceiling is 0.112 (m2-K)/W.)

Easy To Install
pvc ceiling easy to install

Any automated or manual installation procedures are possible.

It is very quick & easy to install the PVC Ceiling Panels as they are durable and lightweight.

PVC Ceiling Panels require no maintenance

Other Features
pvc ceilings benefits

PVC Ceilings also do not need to be painted.

The PVC Ceiling Panels can be bent when they are cold, the minimum bending radius is 175 times as much as similar panels.

PVC Ceilings are also Anti-Fungal, Corrosion Resistant, and Termite Proof.

Specifications, Dimensions, and Weight of PVC Ceilings

PVC Ceilings are manufactured by using PVC Resins and auxiliary materials and are made in sizes of 3.m, 3.9m, 3.97m, and 5.95m lengths and 250mm wide and 300mm wide.

Normal traditional type PVC Ceilings available in sizes of 250mm and 300mm wide and lengths of 3.0m 3.9m, 3.97m and  5.95m

3.0m = 0.75 m2
3.9m = 0.975 m2
3.97m = 0.9925 m2
5,95m = 1,48m2

Weight: ± 2.2kg / m2 for ceilings of 250mm x 7mm 
Weight: ± 2.4kg / m2 for ceilings of 300mm x 6mm 

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