Never assume you are stuck with a conventional flat ceiling. With PVC Ceilings, there are terrific ceiling patterns that can revamp your home into a high-quality canvas.

The interior of a house or office reflects the occupant's taste, which is why people look for high-quality ceilings to obtain the perfect look and feel for their homes and offices.

The same can be said about commercial and retail developments. As design trends continue to evolve, people experiment with alternative mediums of interior decoration to add both aesthetics and functionality to their homes and offices.

Why Do People Opt For PVC Ceilings?

Interior PVC Panels are as important a factor as the style of your furniture, the pattern of your upholstery, or the lightning in your living or working areas. More and more people are now opting for smart, elegant, and cost-effective PVC Panels over traditional types of ceilings.

Benefits Of PVC Ceilings:

  • PVC CEILINGS are made from a robust plastic material called PVC.
  • They are attractive, last for years and require almost no maintenance.
  • PVC ceiling panels offer the home or business owner a cost-efficient alternative to regular rhino

         lite ceilings.

  • PVC ceiling panels offer excellent insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool during

          the summer.

  • PVC ceiling panels are available in a huge variety of colours and designs offering a classy ceiling

         for a fraction of the cost of normal ceilings.

  • PVC ceiling panels are available in a wide variety of colours and designs
  • PVC Ceilings are easy to install.

Installation Of PVC Ceilings:

Installing a new PVC Ceiling is an inexpensive way to remodel your otherwise boring ceiling, into some spectacular. Below are general guidelines for PVC ceiling installation at home.

1) Prepare the ceiling: It is extremely important to ensure that the ceiling surface you are working on, has been properly cleaned. To clean, use a bucket of water and a bit of soap to clean the surface. You are welcome to make use of sandpaper to even out any bulging edges.

2) Plan the look: Place the PVC ceiling tiles in the order you are imaging the look and how it will fit on the ceiling. Make sure to plan so that the matching patterns and the corners are in the correct places

3) Apply An Adhesive: Ceilings are sold with adhesive. Apply the adhesive carefully to each tile. Ensuring neatness.

4) Install the tiles

 Stand on a ladder, and begin fixing the PVC on the ceiling as you had planned or imagined. You may trim and access PVC tiles on the ceilings.

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