Here at PVC SA, we not only specialize in PVC Ceilings, but we also specialize in flooring, cornices and so much more. 

We've noticed that many people don't know what PVC ceilings are and why they've become so popular.

PVC Ceilings are ceilings that are made from robust plastic material, better known as PVC. These ceilings rapidly became a highly demanded item. 

There are many advantages of PVC Ceiling Panels, they are easy to install, offer great insulation, are water and fire retardant, and are maintenance-free.

PVC Ceilings and PVC Wall Panels are:

  • Fire retardant
  • Requires no upkeep 
  • Thermal insulation
  • Helps lessen electricity intake due to thermal insulation.
  • PVC Ceilings are non-corrosive
  • Termite resistant
  • Suitable for Domestic, agricultural and industrial buildings.
  • Appropriate product for walls and ceilings
  • Extremely smooth and maintain easy 
  • Hygienic.

Renovations these days need quite a bit of money. At PVC Ceilings, we understand your renovation needs and budget constraints. Therefore produce the most affordable form of ceiling installation for you. We are a PVC Wholesaler in Pretoria and Durban. 

Our PVC products are very versatile and may be implemented in just about any indoor surroundings. Our PVC Ceiling boards In South Africa come in a variety of colors in addition to gloss and matt finishes. No need to paint or paint at the boards. 

Why we choose PVC Ceilings:

1) It is easy to install, you might consider doing the installation yourself.

2) PVC Ceilings are waterproof

 3) Fire Retardant

 4) Maintenance Free

 5) It Will last you years without the need to replace 

Get yourself a low maintenance ceiling from PVC SA - wholesalers in Pretoria and Durban 

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