PVC Cornice and Polystyrene Cornice

Cornice profiles are manufactured in 4 different sizes. This gives the distinct advantage of being able to stick to the same profile design throughout an entire house or building. 

Polystyrene decorative cornice mouldings add a luxury feel to any room. Cornices are an excellent tool to help to hide small defects at corners. Also, Polystyrene cornices are simple to install.

Polystyrene Cornice can be painted using a water-based PVA paint.

EPS Cornices have more of a textured finish but is substantially cheaper than any other alternative on the market. EPS cornices generally require an additional coat of paint to ensure a smoother surface. If you are on a budget then EPS cornices are for you.

XPS cornices, on the other hand, has a smooth finish compared to any other cornices on the market. Due to the high-density polystyrene used it is stronger and more durable than EPS. If only the best is what you are after then XPS cornices are for you.

pvc cornice extra


quality cornice

Resistant to Water Absorption
Doesn’t Propagate Flame
Ageing Resistance
Resistant To Bacteria-Organism Growth

easy to install cornice
Easy to Install

Light Weight
Fits over the Existing Cornice
DIY Installation

variety of cornice

Custom size and design available on request
XPS / EPS Polystyrene cornices come in 2-meter lengths

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xps cornice button catalog


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